Product List
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  • Air Purifier Filter dsx-apf1200
  • DSX filters feature different filter media, including HEPA filtration, carbon filtration, a combination of filters, and pre-filtration.
  • Hepa filters DSX-HP01
  • DSX HEPA filters capture 99.997% of airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns in size. The DSX HEPA filter removes bacteria,mold spores,soot, pol...
  • Detachable HEPA Filter Box
  • DSX detachable HEPA filter box contains plenum chamber and HEPA filter. The plenum chamber use aluminum profile as the material. And the HEPA filter i...
  • PharmaGel Replacement HEPA
  • This PharmaGel Replacement mini-pleat HEPA filter provides the lowest pressure drop in the industry with optimum air cleaning efficiency.
  • Combined HEPA Filter
  • DSX combined HEPA filter designs as “V” shape without partition. It mainly catches 0.3um dust particles and is usually applied to the environment wh...
  • HEPA Filter with partition
  • HEPA Filter with partition are used primarily in “cleanrooms” and “clean benches,” areas which require the very highest levels of contamination co...
  • No Partition HEPA Filter dsx-NPHEPA01
  • DSX Series HEPA filter is designed to meet the demanding airflow and efficiency requirements of the semiconductor, food processing, pharmaceutical, bi...
  • H13 HEPA Filter DSXair filter01
  • H13 HEPA Filters is suitable for protection against harmful particles emitted from radioactive substances. DSX H13 HEPA Filters have strength in low p...
  • ULPA filter DSX-ULPA01
  • Ultra low particulate air filters(ULPA filter)are 99.9995% efficient in removing particles 0.12 µm and larger. ULPA filters are used in air filtrati...
  • Nylon Mesh Filter DSX-PNMF01
  • The Nylon Mesh Filter is widely used as the protective pre-filtration in central air conditioning system of household, commerce and industry.
  • Primary Pocket Filter DSX-PPFG3
  • The extended shape of Deshengxin Primary Pocket Filter is specially designed for better and steady air filtration efficiency. The dimensions of the fi...