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Medium Efficiency Filter with Separator

product name: Medium Efficiency Filter with Separator
Product number: DSX-MEFS01
Products Exhibitors: DSX
Product Documentation: No Related Documents

a brief introdction

Medium Efficiency Separator Type Medium Filter Application: The filters are used in local filtering and cleaning room, working condition such as normal pressure and temperature and humidity for air cleaning

Medium Efficiency Filter with Separator  Detailed description of

Medium Efficiency Filter with Separator Characters 

 High filtering efficiency
Lower resistance
Light weight
Lower running cost
Filter media   Fiber glass media.
Outer frame  Aluminum or galvanization or wood
Separator  Paper plate or aluminum clapboard
Other detail  Seal glue: polyurethane
Seal media:sponge glue strip
Max.working Tem.:80 ℃
Max.working Humidity:80%
Efficiency  H10-H14(EN1822:2009)

1、Aluminum separator, frame can be non-header type, single header type and double headers type (header thickness- 20mm).
2、Outer frame can be wooden made, galvanized iron made or aluminum made.
3、Ultra fine fiberglass as filter media.
4、Applicable to VAV system.
5、Three optional filter efficiency: 90-95%、80-85%、60-65%

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