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Address:No.108 of South Tunpu Road, Tongli Town,Wujiang District,Suzhou,Jiangsu Province,china


Country/Region:China (Mainland)



Deshengxin Purification equipment co,. ltd is located in Suzhou China . We have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing centrifugal fan,cleanroom quipment products and cleanroom projects.We built our reputation by offering quality cleanroom products with leading technologies to customers.
Deshengxin's main business activities focus on designing, manufacturing, and selling centrifugal blower and air clean equipments, such as FFU fan, air shower fan, FFU, air shower, air filter, clean booth, clean bench, weighing room, laminar hood, clean sampling vehicle, safety cabinet, FFU control, pass box, air shower pass box, clean supply unit(HEPA Box),hand dryer ,clean room engineering etc.
As a dedicated manufacturer Deshengxin has experienced strong growth by building solid partnerships with its customers, large and small. Customers trust us for our design services, manufacturing productivity,product quality and good after-sales services.

Deshengxin devotes significant effort and resources in research and development ,which is inline with our commitment to continuously improve our products.
We are committed to the fun of creating and dedicated to service sincerely.

Head Office:                                                                     Sichuan Branch:                                                Shandong Office:                                               Dongguan Branch:
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