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  • Narrow-angle fan spray nozzle
  • Narrow-angle fan spray nozzle are widely used in washing blankets, plating line flushing, washing the graveletc. Narrow-angle fan spray nozzle can use...
  • Dovetail modular fan nozzle
  • Dovetail modular fan nozzle uses unique devetail structure for nozzle head. Dovetail modular fan nozzle fixed by the nut can reach the mouth with the ...
  • General fan nozzle DSX fan nzzle01
  • DSX General fan nozzle spray shape influenced by gravity, there would be "edge effect", namely the fan-shaped section spray produce tapering edge, sp...
  • air shower nozzles DSX-SS30
  • DSX stainless steel air shower nozzle is an ideal accessary for air shower,adopts the unique profiling uneven direction nozzle