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Metal Mesh Filters - Air Filters

product name: Metal Mesh Filters - Air Filters
Product number: DSX-PMMF01
Products Exhibitors: DSX
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Metal Mesh Filters - Air Filters: Aluminum and SteelAn extensive line of washable metal filters are available from Permatron in a number of models to suit just about any application.

Metal Mesh Filters - Air Filters  Detailed description of

Metal Mesh Filters - Air Filters can be used in filtration applications involving media pad change outs.  The frame is available with or without 2 criss-crossed wire supports to hold the media in place.  Contact Permatron for more information.

Structure Description:
1. Extended and pleated multilayer aluminum or stainless steel as mesh materials, they are rolled into wavy shape and cross-laminated based on certain angle.
2. Extended and pleated multilayer aluminum or stainless steel mesh is arranged based on different density and aperture. This ensures higher dust loading capacity and efficiency due to alternate air flow direction.
3. Low pressure drop, long lifetime, washable, cost-efficient.
4. Safe, rigid, high temperature resistance, high acid and alkaline resistance.

Metal Mesh Filter Features:
1、Removable outer frame design
2、Aluminum alloy metal frame
3、Washable aluminum mesh, long service life
4、Strengthen aluminum alloy metal mesh
5、Low pressure drop
6、Efficiency: G2、G3、G4
Metal Mesh Filter Applications:
1、Coarse particle filtration system in buildings.
2、As a primary filter in industrial level ventilation system.
3、Ventilation system with high temperature resistance or high acid and alkaline resistance requirement.
4、Wax spray filter in car assembly workshop.


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