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Pocket medium efficiency filter

product name: Pocket medium efficiency filter
Product number: DSX-MEPF7
Products Exhibitors: DSX
Product Documentation: No Related Documents

a brief introdction

Deshengxin Pocket medium efficiency filter Speciality: Medium Efficiency Pocket filter is woven specially with the superfine fibre, in order to avoid the harmfulness to the people’s health because of the old style fibreglass;

Pocket medium efficiency filter  Detailed description of

 The Deshengxin Pocket medium efficiency filter Description:

The expanded filter surface is specially designed for stable and high filtering performance. Having a few filter dimension options, it is widely used in the clean room system of pharmaceutical industries, automobile industries, food industries, electronic industries as well as the ventilation system of industrial plant and commercial buildings.

Deshengxin Medium Efficiency Pocket filterFilter material content static electricity  fibre. It filtrate the submicron bug dust (size: 1 or is smaller than 1micron)efficiently; It also have the good performance of the dust catching ,large dust holding capacity, high permeability and long working life.

In order to increase the intensity of the mesh ,every two filter bags are fixed by the metal bar. It will prevent the bags from bursting because of the friction force of the wind ,in the high wind speed. The filter bag has six inside linings in order to prevent the filter bag from expanding overly because of the wind pressure, because if the filter bags are sheltered from each other ,it will reduce the the effective filtration area and the filtration efficiency. The edge of the filter bag is made in hot melt way, so it has good gas tightness and the bonding strength, and it does not have the steam leakage or the breakage

The large dust holding capacity, the high efficiency, the low damaged due to pressing;

Specification List of Medium Efficiency Pocket filter 

Max Temperature



Double layer U-shape aluminum alloy   frame

Frame thickness


Rib supports

Galvanized iron, special lock knots   for adjacent ribs

Fiber media

Synthetic fiber

Rated air flow


Suggested final pressure drop


Angles connectors

Aluminum alloy



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