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High capacity mini-pleat filters

product name: High capacity mini-pleat filters
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DSX'S high capacity mini-pleat filters , A longer service life and lower engery consumption means lower operating costs.

High capacity mini-pleat filters  Detailed description of

DSX'S high capacity mini-pleatfilters ,Multiple mini-pleat media packs, assembled into a series of V-banks, permit substantially more media to be contained in the filter — double the media typically found in HEPA filters - 430 square feet of media. Maximum effective media area provides greater airflow capacity, low resistance, high dust holding capacity, and unusually long service life. The V-bank configuration provides greater airflow capacity; rated 2400 CFM at 1 in. w.g.

DSXCombined HEPA Filters are ideal for applications operating with higher airflows, up to 600 FPM, and requiring ultra low pressure drop:
• Pharmaceutical processing
• Semiconductor and Electronics manufacturing
• Photo film manufacturing/processing
• Hospitals, Laboratories, and Optical facilities
• Food processing

Chemical resistant anodized aluminum frame provides superior strength. Available in gel seal and gasket seal designs.

Efficiency: 99.99% on 0.3µm
Filter Type: HEPA


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