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No Partition HEPA Filter

product name: No Partition HEPA Filter
Product number: dsx-NPHEPA01
Products Exhibitors: DSX
Product Documentation: No Related Documents

a brief introdction

DSX Series HEPA filter is designed to meet the demanding airflow and efficiency requirements of the semiconductor, food processing, pharmaceutical, biotech.

No Partition HEPA Filter  Detailed description of

 DSX No Partition HEPA Filter:

Filter Paper: H13-H14 Fiber glass

Filter Efficiency: H13-H14 H13:99.97-99.99%@0.3μmH14:99.995-99.999%@0.3μmMPPS

Frame: Aluminum profile box, Aluminum folding box, Galvanized Box, Stainless steel box

Protection net: powder painted diamond-shape network

Sealing: Neoprene

Filter size: according to customers requirement

Thickness of Aluminum profile: 46mm、50mm、69mm、80mm、90mm、96mm;

Application: Ultra LSI factory, semiconductor industry, Atomic force research, Clean room, Laminar hood, Clean bench etc

DSX filters are scan tested at 99.99% efficiency with a NON-DOP aerosol to insure the filter is free from pin hole leaks. Also available is an ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) model, which is additionally laser tested to 99.9995% at 0.12μm.


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