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PharmaGel Replacement HEPA

product name: PharmaGel Replacement HEPA
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Products Exhibitors: DSX
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This PharmaGel Replacement mini-pleat HEPA filter provides the lowest pressure drop in the industry with optimum air cleaning efficiency.

PharmaGel Replacement HEPA  Detailed description of

This filter functions as a replacement filter for PharmaGel ceiling modules, which are designed for pharmaceutical and biotech industry applications. The filters can be tested and easily replaced without disturbing the module housing or risking bypass leakage.

Each  filter cartridge includes a pocket of gel sealant around the downstream perimeter of the filter. When the filter is installed, a knife edge on all four sides of the housing penetrates the channel of gel to form an airtight seal.

This hepa is available in 2", 3", and 4" media packs and provides 99.99% minimum efficiency. A laser-tested ULPA filter providing 99.9995% efficiency at 0.12μm is also available.DSX filters are scanned for pinhole leaks before shipping to ensure trouble-free installation.


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