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air shower nozzles

product name: air shower nozzles
Product number: DSX-SS30
Products Exhibitors: DSX
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a brief introdction

DSX stainless steel air shower nozzle is an ideal accessary for air shower,adopts the unique profiling uneven direction nozzle

air shower nozzles  Detailed description of
Air shower nozzle is a kind of Cleanroom Airshower, Cargo room leaching and leaching cargo channel Nozzles, such a nozzle by a back cover (with sealing strip), adjustable ball and hide the application of the special nozzle dish rack consisting of three parts. manufacturers simply press the large diameter nozzle protruding playing back a corresponding dimension in the duct hole, then screw trajectory of horizontal and vertical 90 to play two screw holes on the nozzle can be mounted on the wall of the duct or wind, so a simple three-kit greatly improves hair quality and efficiency, so that even the wind speed, air volume centralized reach blowing dust, blowing, cooling, drying a variety of industrial uses, while the use of a hydraulic machine stretch forming sphere structure allows the wind to get an unobstructed swirl, greatly reducing blowing noise, is a kind of energy-saving, environmental protection, clean nozzle after use of such a nozzle made of stainless steel type, mechanical polishing process, the surface of the mirror effect, greatly reducing the deposition of dust, clean air shower room is special nozzle.
Deshengxin SS air shower nozzle Specifications
2.Have good air flow organization
Design feature:
1.Air shower nozzle is air shower room ideal part
2.The concave and convex type direction nozzle is easy to ensure jet direction
3.20m/s wind speed can bring away the dust.
4.stainless steel material
Concealing wind pouring nozzle
Style: concealing,buckshot
Application:dry flow line,air shower, supply air etc
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