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clean room air shower room for pharmaceutical GMP

product name: clean room air shower room for pharmaceutical GMP
Product number: DSX-AS 01
Products Exhibitors: DSX
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DSX clean room air shower room for pharmaceutical GMP is a self-contained unit that utilizes specialized, high efficiency air flow and other technologies to effectively remove all types of contaminants from the every individual. All of our Air Showers feature Hi-Flow V-Bank HEPA or ULPA Filters, recessed lights, Interlocking doors, and PLC Programmable Logic Controller and Emergency Stop buttons

clean room air shower room for pharmaceutical GMP  Detailed description of

Features for all of DSX clean room air shower room for pharmaceutical GMP:

Standard construction is Corrosive Resistant Polypropylene, Epoxy Painted Steel, 304 or 316L Stainless Steel units are also available.

High Efficiency direct drive220/380V 3-Phase(Or 220V 1-Phase) motor blowers. Motors/Blowers are selected based on customer voltage requirement.

Top loaded High Efficiency Particulate HEPA filter: 12” thick V-Bank Hi-Flow minipleat design 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 micron in an anodized aluminum frame, PSL tested in accordance with IEST Standards.

Adjustable DSX air nozzles on walls and ceiling shall be white plastic construction sized and spaced to provide an average of 6000 - 7,000 fpm air flow at the face of the nozzle.

Return air registers at floor level on walls shall be anodized aluminum with 1” pleated MERV 7 prefilters.

Recessed 2 pin T-8 fluorescent lighting 60 ft. candle in interior ceiling with prismatic refractive lens cover.

Anodized aluminum entry and exit doors with push/pull hardware, hydraulic door closures and acrylic, polycarbonate or safety glass inserts.

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) shall be used to control the sequence of operation of the Air Shower.

An Emergency Off button (EMO) shall be located inside and outside of the Air Shower in a conspicuous location.

Door sensors shall be 24 volt DC magnetic reed switches. Door interlocks shall be 24 volt, located in the doorjamb. All locks shall automatically release upon loss of power or when the (EMO) button is pressed.

Activating the EMO switch shall cause the cycle to immediately end, and release all interlocks. Lights shall remain on.

The GMP Air Shower shall be a high velocity, low pressure type system in accordance with Federal Standard 209E .

Many options are available for this air shower( and other clean room equimpment) such as a Constant purge option, raised floor or sliding doors. Consult DSX trained experienced sales engineering staff for more details.

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