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Stainless steel air shower tunnel

product name: Stainless steel air shower tunnel
Product number: DSX-AST01
Products Exhibitors: DSX
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a brief introdction

Deshengxin Stainless air shower steel tunnel Optional accessory: 1.High efficiency and super high efficiency air filters 3. cold-rolled steel plate / all stainless steel air shower / just stainless steel inside 4. Common fluorescent lamp / UV Sterilizer lamp--- 5.- With voice announce

Stainless steel air shower tunnel  Detailed description of
DSX Stainless steel  air shower tunnel :
1)Automatical door by photoelectric sensor ( when person enter air shower, the door will open automatically, go out air shower, the door will be closed automatically.)
2) Air velocity: 22-25m/s
3) Automatic blowing
4) IC Control system
DSX stainless steel air shower is a neccssary passage for either people or goods to enter into the clean room, and isolates the clean room from the outside. Dust particles can be effective and rapidly removed after the people or goods being blown over by high efficiently filtrated clean air.
We can assembly air showers or passags in various lengths as per the number of people that may enter into the clean room.
The materials of SS air shower :
The case adopts stainless stell(sus201 or sus304)
Air shower construction and features:
1. The control system run automatically, the two doors electronically interlocked,with photoelectric sensor
- (One door in open state, the other door must in close state.When people enter air shower, the system will shower automatically by photoelectric sensor)
2. Air shower time from 0 to 99 seconds which can be adjustable
3. Adopt primary and high efficiency air filter systems
4. The case adopts high quality cold steeling rolling plate, surface finish with static spraying plastic

5. The door, bottom-board, nozzles are used of stainless steel, good appearance.

Standar size and specificaton:


Air shower




External dimensions (mm)

1200x1000x 2150

1400x1000x 2150

1400x1500x 2150

Dimensions in WxDxH(mm)

800x920x 1950

800x920x 1950

800x1400x 1950

Material for case

Cold rolled steel with powder coated , SUS#201 or SUS#304

Suitable person





6(one side)

12(two sides)

18(two sides)

Blow power(W)




HEPA filter’s dimensions

610x610x50 One piece

610x610x69 two piece

610x610x69 two piece

Nozzle diameter


Air shower time

0~99s Adjustable

Spurt wind speed



380V/50Hz/3Ph; 220V/50Hz/1Ph

hepa Filter efficiency

Above 99.99% efficient on 0.3um particles

Control system

LCD control panel, electronic interlock and automatic blowing

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