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WuJiang Deshengxin Purification Equipment Co. Ltd., mainly to undertake various types of ward, operation room, laboratory, GMP clean room, suction call system engineering, purification and GLP lab, HlV lab, ICU ward, pharmaceutical, food workshop, electronic workshop, cosmetics, electronic computer room purification engineering.

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Cleanroom Design Features: 

Low velocity vertical laminar air flows to maximize cleanroom effectiveness and efficiency.

Uniform temperature and humidity control and distribution for maintaining cleanroom environment specifications.

Floor to ceiling clear viewing panels provide improved worker and manufacturing visibility.

Custom environmental systems for tight temperature and humidity requirements.

Proprietary energy saving system to reduce your operation costs.

We have high-quality scientific research and design staff and skilled professional construction team, rich experience in practice. From design, production, installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance to all in one service. We by the high quality service, customer satisfaction engineering to repay the society from all walks of life. Quality is the life of enterprise contract, the company has always been to "customer first, quality first, the credibility of the first" the purpose of carrying out to each project through, each project completion and acceptance.

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The Clean room controller

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Why Choose Us?

1.Own factory with competitive price
2.Cleanroom Engineering Builders of Custom, ISO Standard 14644 Cleanrooms
3.Modular and Load Bearing/Non-Load Bearing Cleanrooms
4.Over 15 Years Experience - Custom Built Cleanrooms to Your Specs
5.Turnkey In-House Cleanroom Engineering and Design Capabilities
6.Manufacturing All Major Components In-House
7.Multiple Wall Finishes to Meet Any Standard
8.Factory-Trained Staff for Custom Cleanroom Fabrication and Installation
9.Provide overseas installation team
10.we are also the clean room equipment manufacturer,we also produce high qulity centrifugal fan for clean room equipment.

We are looking forward to establishing a long term cooperation with you.

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