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Cleanroom Air Showers

product name: Cleanroom Air Showers
Product number: DSX-AIRSHOWER01
Products Exhibitors: DSX
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a brief introdction

Deshengxin DSX cleanroom air showers( air shower tunnel‎)are available in a variety of customized sizes and configurations to suit your specific application.

Cleanroom Air Showers  Detailed description of
Deshengxin  cleanroom air showers help to remove such fine particles by using air jet to blow at cleanroom clothing and materials before entering a cleanroom. Completely self-contained, pre-wired, fully equipped Air Shower/Tunnel systems help solve decontamination problems
Modular design lets you order a system to suit your cleanroom.
HEPA filter/blower modules (rated 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 micron particles) wash personnel with Class 100 air to dislodge and remove particles Solid-state
Interlocking doors minimize contamination, release automatically in the event of power failure
microprocessor panel provides programmable control over access door operation
Fluorescent lighting is housed in the ceiling for minimal turbulence

Available in white epoxy-finished CR steel, stainless steel, or plastic laminate to meet various cleanroom requirements

ULPA Filter is available on request. 

Variety of sizes and door configurations
Economical to operate, easy to maintain
System options include HEPA-filtered ceiling, ionized grid, and safety glazing
These Air Showers and Tunnels offer an effective way to remove surface-deposited particles from personnel—before they get to the cleanroom.

DSX Cleanroom Air Shower Control system:
 LCD control panel, electronic interlock and automatic blowing by photoelectronic sensor.
  Standar size and specificaton:




Air shower




 External dimensions (mm) 

1200x1000x 2150

1400x1000x 2150

1400x1500x 2150

 Dimensions in WxDxH(mm) 

800x920x 1950

800x920x 1950

800x1400x 1950

Material for case

Cold rolled steel with powder coated , SUS#201 or SUS#304

 Suitable person





6(one side)

12(two sides)

18(two sides)

 Blow power(W) 




HEPA filter’s dimensions

610x610x50 One piece

610x610x69 two piece

610x610x69 two piece

 Nozzle diameter 


 Air shower time 

0~99s Adjustable

 Spurt wind speed 



380V/50Hz/3Ph; 220V/50Hz/1Ph

hepa Filter efficiency 

                                     Above 99.99% efficient on 0.3um particles

Control system

LCD control panel, electronic interlock and automatic blowing

Customer’s sizes and specifications are welcome.


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