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automatic sliding door air shower

product name: automatic sliding door air shower
Product number: DSX-AS01
Products Exhibitors: DSX
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a brief introdction

The DeShengXin automatic sliding door cargo air shower is the ideal equipment for clean room. It is especially designed for the fields involving in electron, machinery, medicine, food, biological engineering, etc.

automatic sliding door air shower  Detailed description of

The DeShengXin automatic sliding door cargo air shower  can achieve air shower for the raw material and equipment which need to enter into the clean workshop for production. Then, the dust particles are removed to assure the cleanliness of the raw material and equipment. The product has many features of novel structure, beautiful appearance, reliable operation, low power consumption and convenient maintenance.

Automatic sliding door cargo air shower design is based on the traditional cargo air shower room, equipped with advanced infrared sensor automatic door opening system, automatic sliding door cargo air shower compared with traditional cargo air shower is door closers canceled, so truly fulfill cargo air shower automated. Person or goods enter into the infrared sensing area auto-sensing, the entering sliding door automatically open and close, person or cargo into dust blowing once completed, the exit sliding door will automatically open and close.

Deshengxin is a China-based manufacturer of air shower for cargo/goods. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including double person vertical laminar flow clean bench, double person air shower room, food aseptic workshop, and more.

Related Names
Cargo Air Shower Room / Material Cleaning Room / Room for Sterile Condition / CARGO  air shower / CARGO use air shower / Goods air shower


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