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The introduction of Deshengxin exhibition in the fourteenth CPhI, ICSE & Bio

Deshengxin purification equipment Co., limited took part in the exhibition in CPhI, ICSE & BioPh China 2015 successfully. It displays products such as air shower room, FFU, centrifugal fans,weighing booth and so on,which gets clients too much more attention and interests from home and abroad.
 Deshengxin will keep trying and always supply high-tech products with leading technology and reliable performance to acknowledge the clients’ long time support.

Deshengxin main business activities focus on designing, manufacturing, and selling centrifugal blower and air clean equipments, such as FFU fan, Air shower fan, FFU, Air shower, Air filter, Clean booth, Clean bench, Weighing room, Laminar hood, Clean sampling vehicle, safety cabinet, FFU control, Pass box, Air shower pass box, Clean supply unit(HEPA Box),Clean hand dryer ,clean room engineering etc.