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Automatic Air Shower

product name: Automatic Air Shower
Product number: DSX air shower 01
Products Exhibitors: DSX
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a brief introdction

Automatic air shower used between clean room and common place is equipped with advanced automatic door operator. DSX automatic air shower can be fully automatic in whole blowing process.

Automatic Air Shower  Detailed description of
Automatic Air shower is widely used in electronics, machinery,biological engering and other industry and scientific research fields.  

Outside case: 1.0mm lacquer coated steel or staniless steel(SUS#201 OR 304)
Inside case: 1.0mm lacquer coated steel or staniless steel(SUS#201 OR 304)
Doors: SUS#201,SUS#304 or aluminum alloy
Base: SUS#201 or 304
 1) Automatic blowing 
2) Electronic interlock 
(One door in open state, the other door must be in close state. When people enter air shower, the system will shower automatically by photoelectric sensor)
3) PLC intelligent control system
4). Air shower time from 0 to 99 seconds can be adjustable
5). Pre filter and HEPA filter

6) High quality infrared sensor used for automatic blowing Different design and specifications can be customized to meet the requirements of individual customers.

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