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GMP pharnaceutical weighting booth

product name: GMP pharnaceutical weighting booth
Product number: DSX-WR1300
Products Exhibitors: DSX
Product Documentation: No Related Documents

a brief introdction

DSX GMP pharnaceutical weighting booth use DSX high quality centrifugal fan can make sure stable and reliable performance of our products. DSX would be your ideal choice.

GMP pharnaceutical weighting booth  Detailed description of

DSX GMP pharnaceutical weighting booth  adopts the structure of vertical uniflow. The return air is firstly filtered by the primary efficiency air filter so that the larger dust particles can be removed, then secondly filtered by the medium efficiency air filter so as to fully protect the service life of the HEPA filter. The filtered air passes through the HEPA filter under the action of centrifugal fan. At last, the air that has reached the cleanliness requirement is sent to the air-out casing. 90% of the clean air passes through air flow equalization membrane and circulates inside the work area. 10% of the clean air is discharged outside the work area. The external air flow forms positive pressure to make the dust inside the equipment do not spread outside the work area, so as to protect the environment outside the work area. 

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