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Cleanroom Design & Construction

product name: Cleanroom Design & Construction
Product number: DSX-Clean room
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Deshengxin purification equipment CO.,LTD. is experts in Cleanroom Design & Construction , and have extensive experience designing, manufacturing and installing cleanrooms for leading pharmaceutical, medical device and industrial companies.

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As a cleanroom manufacturing firm we understand today’s production schedule demands. This makes Deshengxin purification equipment CO.,LTD the right choice for your cleanroom manufacturing needs.When your organisation needs a cleanroom, aseptic suite, laboratory, test cell, containment facility or any other controlled environment, you can rely on us to provide the complete package. 

Our Offering

 Easy to work with

Custom design and engineering for your specific needs

Wide variety of design and material options

In house manufacturing and installation for the highest quality

Conform to ISO1 4664-1 and FDA STD 209E cleanroom standards

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