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cleanrooms and clean room Supplies

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Deshengxin purification equipment CO.,LTD. is experts in cleanroom Construction,and have extensive experience designing, manufacturing and installing cleanrooms for leading pharmaceutical, medical device and industrial companies.

cleanrooms and clean room Supplies


WuJiang Deshengxin purification equipment CO.,LTD as a clean room Supplies ,it has extensive experience designing and engineering custom cleanrooms to unique and strict requirements for pharmaceutical, medical device and industrial cleanroom clients. Our design team creates and provides complete design specifications for each project.

DSX Cleanroom Design Features: 

Low velocity vertical laminar air flows to maximize cleanroom effectiveness and efficiency.

Uniform temperature and humidity control and distribution for maintaining cleanroom environment specifications.

Floor to ceiling clear viewing panels provide improved worker and manufacturing visibility.

Custom environmental systems for tight temperature and humidity requirements.

Proprietary energy saving system to reduce your operation costs.

HVAC Design and Upgrades of Your Existing Cleanroom

DSX provides complete design and consulting in cleanroom mechanical systems and is capable of analyzing, modifying, and retrofitting existing cleanroom systems.

Close-Tolerance Temperature & Humidity Control

We specialize in the design, consulting, and building of close-tolerance temperature and humidity cleanroom systems. We look forward to the challenges that our customers bring us.

Biohazard Level P-3 Cleanrooms

Our cleanroom consultant assistance is provided for design and construction of BSL P-2 & P-3 bio-hazard cleanrooms for medical research and production, military applications and related requirements.

Negative Air Pressure Clean Laboratories

Design of negative air pressure cleanrooms for hazardous processes are supported at Clean Air Technology. Hazardous processes use flammable and potentially explosive materials with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association ) 497 classification Class 1, Div.1, Class 1, Div. 2, and Class 2. DSX has considerable experience as a designer and builder of these types of cleanroom facilities.

Portable/Mobile Cleanrooms and P-3 Bio-Containment Clean Laboratories

In addition to the fixed modular facilities, our cleanroom consulting is available for design of portable/mobile, positive air pressure cleanrooms, as well as negative air pressure bio-hazard/containment labs.

Upgrades and Modifications as a Cleanroom Contractor

Evaluation, design and/or upgrades to an existing cleanroom design can also be provided on a contract basis, direct to your company, or as a sub-contractor to your architectural and engineering firm or general contractor. This service is available when the A & E firm is responsible for the building fit-out or for the complete building and the cleanroom is part of this contract. Further, CAT can manufacturer, supply, and install all components necessary for the complete turn-key cleanroom construction or, in the case of upgrade modifications - repair, replace, and install all required cleanroom components in place of the original equipment. This focus will help ensure its passage in the cleanroom audit and certification phases.

 Since we are also the clean room equipment  manufacturer, Deshengxin purification equipment CO.,LTD  has a greater control of project quality, scheduling, and costs. With our own manufacturing facilities we can provide you with OEM prices and OEM products along with our in-house design and engineering to give you the best and most responsible solutions obtainable in the industry.


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