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product name: HEPA BOX
Product number: DSX-HPB001
Products Exhibitors: DSX
Product Documentation: No Related Documents

a brief introdction

It adopts the aerodynamics theory and the newest advance technology, which ensure the speed of air ad prevent the eddy current.

HEPA BOX  Detailed description of

HEPA Air Supply Outlet Unit (CLEAN SUPPLY UNIT )comprises of concealed ceiling mount HEPA filter unit. It creates a clean environment which is dust free and bacteria free. It is suitable for cleanroom with turbulent flow. Two choices: ATTACHED WITH FAN or FILTER ONLY. Two type of discharge: FLAT or WIDE type.

The HEPA box applies to different classes, different kinds of uneven clean rooms. They can be equipped with different filters according to the different classes of clean room. They are widely used to purifying air-conditioning in medicine, hygiene, election, chemistry.
 DSX HEPA BOX Features:
Good sealing property
The inner filter adopts the newest plane foaming technology, the whole design is good.
Light weight and easily to take down
The whole design is simple and reasonable, light weight and easily to take down, easily to install.
Corrosion resistance, ageing resistance
The surface adopts the anti-static process with good corrosion resistance durability.

 Customized design is available.

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