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Hepa air purifiers

product name: Hepa air purifiers
Product number: DSX-KJ900G-A01
Products Exhibitors: DSX
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a brief introdction

Our Hepa air purifiers feature H13 HEPA-grade filters to help remove germs, mold, odor, airborne allergens, bacteria and humidity. The use of air purifiers in an office can lead to better breathing conditions by reducing allergens and harmful particles in odors that can lead to sickness.

Hepa air purifiers  Detailed description of

DSX DSX-KJ900G-A01 Hepa air purifiers Product Description

The Deshengxin DSX-KJ900G-A01 Hepa air purifiers is fitted with Primary filter,Carbon Filter and H13 HEPA,that cleans the air of mold spores, dust, tobacco smoke, pollen, pet dander and other micro allergens. It captures up to 99.99% of air borne particles 0.3 micron or larger to improve the air quality of room. The carbon filter to take care of unpleasant odors.

Offers versatile filter options to address specific needs, including bacteria, chemicals, heavy odor and smoke.

 DSX-KJ900G-A01 Air quantity reaches 1500m³/h,our air purifiers are applicable to living room,office, meeting room,  basement, or even larger area.

Works well for room sizes up to 80 square meter.


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