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Pharmaceutical weighing room

product name: Pharmaceutical weighing room
Product number: DSXWR-1300
Products Exhibitors: DSX
Product Documentation: No Related Documents

a brief introdction

Pharmaceutical weighing room is a professional purification equipment to control of dust pollution. The indoor air would go through pre-filter, medium efficiency filter and then draw in plenum chamber by centrifugal fan.

Pharmaceutical weighing room  Detailed description of

Weighing room configuration instructions:

Negative Pressure Weighing Room is widely used in various fields, so in the aspect of casing material, overall design and electronic accessories, they are designed according to the latest GMP, composed of SUS304# casing, high air volume and low noise fan, a three-stage filtration system (primary and medium efficiency air filters plus liquid tank sealing HEPA filter), import pressure gauge, PAO detection opening, detection Liquid injection opening and air flow equalization membrane. The control system is divided into two kinds:

1. The touch screen control system. It can show clearly the working status of the equipment.

2. The button control system. It can realize the arbitrary adjusting of equipment’s air volume, lighting and the other aspects. And it’s easy in use.


1.Automatic changeable frequency system monitors the air velocity to ensure its stability in the work area.

2.Unique designed air duct effectively controls the noise.
3.Differential pressure gauge is equipped to real-time monitor the filters.
4.Uniform flow design of main working area can protects the operators and prevent environmental pollution and cross contamination of products.
5.Intelligent control mode and alarm system ensure the reliability of running.
6.Smooth transitions of wall and ground can eliminate the blind angle.
7.Customized design is welcome.

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