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Clean booth

product name: Clean booth
Product number: DSX-clean booth 01
Products Exhibitors: DSX
Product Documentation: No Related Documents

a brief introdction

Clean Booth is a kind air cleaning unit for partial purification. It can be quickly mounted in any area which needs partial purification.

Clean booth  Detailed description of

 The frame of clean booth usually uses industrial aluminum or stainless steel & lacquer coated Iron as raw material. And it is equipped with FFU at the top and electrostatic curtain or tempered glass all around. The purification level inside can reach to 100. It is quite suitable for high demanding of purification level in workshop. 
1. Frame structure, easy for mounting and can be dismounted again. 
2. move easily(rotary wheel available)
3. Modular structure at the top, Fan Filter Units quantity adjustable to improve inside cleanness of the clean booth, and also can be recycled.
4. Compared to clean bench, clean booth has more effective area; compared to clean room, clean booth need low cost, can be quick mounted and need low requirements for floor height.

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