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demountable FFU

product name: demountable FFU
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a brief introdction

We has developed a new design FFU according to the demands for clean workshop of some pharmaceutical factory.

demountable FFU  Detailed description of


This fan and HEPA filter can be demounted. The operating principle is same as normal FFU. The fan draws in the air and then the air goes through the HEPA filter. In this way, the air will be purified and provided to the clean room, the dust would be prevented.

The features of demountable FFU:
1.The bottle of filter separating FFU can be particularly fixed. This make the mounting and replacing filter conveniently and quickly.
2.Using the high-efficiency AC centrifugal fan. The average air velocity can be increased 25%. Thermal protector can greatly protect the fan and reduce the power consumption efficiently.
3.Stable air velocity and long serving life. Suitable for Grade 1-1000 clean room.
4.Suitable for assembling clean production line. The FFU can be one single unit or several units being a series to make class 100 assembling line.

Demountable FFU can be highly used in factories of semiconductor/electric/flat-panel display/disk drive, optical and biological industries, clean production line, clean bench, clean room, mounting clean room & laminar flow hood etc.


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