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PharmaGel LCE HEPA filter module

product name: PharmaGel LCE HEPA filter module
Product number: DSX-1175
Products Exhibitors: DSX
Product Documentation: No Related Documents

a brief introdction

The DSX PharmaGel LCE HEPA filter module is designed for applications requiring easy HEPA cartridge change outs.

PharmaGel LCE HEPA filter module  Detailed description of

DSX'S PharmaGel LCE housing is constructed of extruded, anodized aluminum with a removable face screen, flush-mounted protective grill, and hangers at all four corners. The one piece aluminum top is designed with an adjustable perforated disk available with 10” or 12” collar. Airflow diFFUsion is upstream of the filter and is also accessible downstream, or room-side.



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