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Air shower pass through box

product name: Air shower pass through box
Product number: DSX-PB01
Products Exhibitors: DSX
Product Documentation: No Related Documents

a brief introdction

DSX air shower pass box is mainly used for preventing the air into the clean room and purifying the goods during the passing.

Air shower pass through box  Detailed description of

The outside material of box is lacquer coated steel, and inside we use full stainless steel. This can make it easy for cleaning and keep it strength and durability.
Use DSX particular fan with high pressure & large volume, less resistance filter. The air velocity can reach to 25m/s to make sure the dedust efficiency. 
Automatic control system for air shower, electric interlock
Indicator light for both side, displaying the working status.
Use both pre-filter & HEPA filter, prolonging the working life of HEPA filter and reducing the operating cost.
Alternative accessories
Ring type intercom System, for convenient contact between inside and outside.
Yellow film for the window, to prevent UV and Static
Germicidal lamp for ultraviolet sterilization
Pneumatic lifting door, the opening method can use swipe card, password, sensor & distant control. 



Packing & Delivery 


1.Factory direct sale .
2.Experienced manufacture, own provided motor, fan, enclosure etc., Controlling quality, price and delivery term much better. 
3.Strictly testing equipment, full-experienced technicians ,quality guaranteed .
4.good after-sale service.

5.we are the ISO9001 approval enterprise. Our products obtain CCC and CE certificate as well.

We are looking forward to a long term business with you .

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