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FFU control system,ffu control terminal

  • Products name:FFU control system,ffu control terminal
  • Products nubmer:DSX-FFU control01
  • Products Exhibitors:DSX
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a brief introdction
DSX FFU control system(ffu controller) is supervisory control and data acquisition software platform, which controls and monitors any brand Fan Filter Unit;

FFU control system,ffu control terminal


DSX FFU control system is built based on the latest technologies and provides a complete solution for clean room FFU; It can control several thousands FFU. It supports not only common industries standard protocol, like Lonworks, Modbus, RS 485, but also supports vendor self-defined motor control protocol. 

1. The FFU controller computer  can control several thousands FFU.

2. The Touch screen controller can set the position and overload parameters of every single FFU controller.

3. The Touch screen controller can set the quantity of FFU for one controller and build the icon for speed regulation automatically.

4. The Touch screen controller can regulate the speed for one single FFU fan or for groups of FFU fan.

5. The Touch screen controller can display the failure type and position of the FFU fan automatically.

6. The Touch screen controller would build a database to store the failure position, type and time etc.

7. To save the storage space, the Touch screen controller would count the times of the failure if it is not cleared.

8. The corresponding module can be added to display the temperature, humidity, pressure of clean area.

9. The Touch screen controller can set the password to prevent the people to operate without permission.

10. The touch screen controller can be hanged on wall. It has low power consumption and high cost performance.

 The computer controller:

The Touch screen controller :


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